Sell Your House Faster

Selling a house can be a lengthy and complicated process that is full of uncertainty and stress.

Typically (as of May 2019), sellers wait  90 days to receive an offer and buyers are not legally committed to the sale until contracts have been exchanged weeks after a sale price  has been agreed before surveys.

Completion usually takes between 70 – 84 days, making the average total time to sell a house from listing your property to moving out 170+ days… or, put another way, nearly half a year.

If a property does not compete with similar properties in the area on price, presentation and appeal, the process can take a lot longer.

We’ve used advice given to buyers to predict the tactics they will use to research properties and what they should do to make the most of their viewings to compile some top tips to help you sell your house faster.

Top Tips | Methods To Sell A House | Consider This 

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